Group Employee Benefit Schemes

Pensions – Auto Enrolment

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As an employer, pension legislation requires you to enroll employees into a pension scheme automatically and to make pension contributions on their behalf. Fines and sanctions may apply if you do not do this.

Caledonia can advise you on the restructure of any existing arrangements or establishment of a new scheme (as appropriate) and can also assist you to administer your scheme on an on-going basis. We can also keep you abreast of any notified changes in legislation/regulation or scheme provider requirements, helping you to meet your obligations, and assess what impact auto-enrolment may have on any other pension schemes (such as Directors arrangements) or employee benefit schemes you may have in place and take appropriate action.

We recognise you may have staff or other providers (such as payroll) in place who may be able to fulfil some of these tasks so these services are available on a flexible ‘pick and mix’ basis to suit your needs.

Please note that Auto-enrolment is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Additional Employee Benefits

Employee Benefit Schemes vary in type, cost and content, and provision is an important area in improving employee engagement and retention. Benefits available can include options as diverse as childcare vouchers and cycle-to-work schemes, as well as the more standard offerings of life, health and medical insurance. We research the market to find appropriate providers of these benefits allowing us to ascertain the best match and level of benefits within the budget available to you.